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1. Prohibited to place the silicone dolls in positions other than the factory-provided posture for an extended period. 

2. Please test whether the cloths will fade before dressing the silicone dolls. 

3. Condom is recommended to be used and adequately lubricate when using realistic vagina. 

4. Clear water, body wash, soap can be used to clean the surfaces of the silicone dolls.

5. Please do not let water goes into the silicone dolls' necks to prevent skeleton corrosion. Please adequately air dry or toweled dry the silicone dolls after cleaning. 

6. Please keep silicone dolls sit upright with legs open to adequately air dry the realistic vagina after cleaning. 

7. Please apply baby powder to the whole surfaces of the silicone dolls after dry to maintain. Baby powder can be used for daily normal maintenance as well. 

8. Please do not use sharp appliances to damage the surfaces of the silicone dolls. 

9. Prohibited for use by individuals under 18 years old. 

10. Please contact our customer service representative at the first time if there is any defect with the products.