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The Rolls-Royce of the Sex Doll

Top Luxury Sex Doll thrives to provide the highest quality 100%whole body silicon sex doll at the most affordable price.The realism and durability make Top Luxury Sex Doll not only a sex doll but also a soulmate.

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silicone hand and foot with realistic skin texture, veins and nails.

Realistic Vagina

True reproduction of female organs, giving you the most realistic sexual experience

Why we only sell 100% silicone head+silicone body Sex dOLLS

Silicone is made from a backbone of Silicon and oxygen atoms, a structure that is quite different from the carbon-based structure of TPE. Unlike TPE, silicone does not require plasticizers to achieve flexibility. Top Luxury Sex Doll dedicates to use baby pacifiers-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, odorless, and no oily, making it safe for intimate contact. Silicone generally has better heat retention, which can add to the lifelike feel, while TPE is not. Silicone is realistic in texture, which can hold finer details better, which often translates in to more realistic- looking face and body features than TPE.

durability & price

Silicon is more durable and resistant to heat, stains, and water, which makes silicone dolls easier to clean and maintain. TPE can be more susceptible to tears and stains. TPE is also more porous, which can make cleaning much more challenging than silicone. Therefore, silicone dolls typically have much longer lifespan than TEP dolls. Top Luxury Sex Dolls’average lifespan is about 5 - 8 years, or can even be longer if well maintained. Unlimited usage. However, TPE sex dolls’average lifespan is only about 3 - 6 months. 100% Silicone dolls’material and manufacturing costs are 4-5 times more expensive than TPE Dolls’ The price range of TPE sex doll is generally about $500 to $3000 Traditional 100% Silicone dolls’price is usually about $4000 - $20000 Top Luxury Sex Doll’s innovated and advanced manufacturing process provides the highest quality 100% silicone doll at most affordable price world wide starting from $1669.99